Welcome to MedAsianDiet.com

The MedAsian diet is a lifestyle diet for people who love food. We take a common sense approach to food and exercise that isn’t focused on denial or guilt like so many other diets. Our idea is that you can eat well, live well, and maintain a healthy weight – all without sacrificing the foods that give you pleasure.

The MedAsian diet is a lifestyle based on two of the world’s healthiest cultures: Asian and Mediterranean. People in these cultures tend to live long and healthy lives, but still eat amazing and delicious foods. However, people in these cultures are never “dieting” as we think of it in the United States. They simply live a healthier lifestyle that allows them to enjoy food without shame.

While we are not dieticians and make no promises about whether or not this will work for you.  This is simply something that we have been doing and have found works wonderfully for us, and we thought we would share.

The MedAsian Diet is:

  • Easy to maintain.  We think the main reason diets fail is because they feel like punishment.  While our diet has guidelines, they are not so strict that you make yourself miserable.
  • Delicious.  There are a ton of food options from numerous food cultures, so there is always something new and interesting to try.

The MedAsian Diet is not:

  • A quick fix.  We do not promise to change your life overnight.  It will take a while to transition you into living a healthier lifestyle.
  • Based on guilt, shame, or denial.  We don’t think that making yourself miserable is good for your physical or mental health.

Sounds interesting? Learn about our philosophy!