Hi I’m Maggi and welcome to MedAsian Lifestyle. I am really happy you decided to check out my blog.

I started this blog to help myself be accountable during my journey to change my life. I want to become a more motivated, happier, and healthier person.

My husband and I took a life changing vacation to the Mediterranean regions of France and Spain in September 2017. We discovered that eating smaller portions, walking, and just living in the moment were good for us. When we got home it lasted a week, then unfortunately we were back to our old ways. I gained back the five pounds I had lost on the vacation, felt run down and stressed, and worse felt completely disgusted with myself.

I wanted my my vacation life back!! Unfortunately I can’t move to the Mediterranean coast and live a life of great food and sunshine…Yet!

I would have to bring the Mediterranean to Western North Carolina. In my research I discovered that eating habits in Asian countries have similarities with the Mediterranean diet. As both rely on eating lots of fruits and vegetables, moderate exercise, less meat, and other characteristics why not combine the two diets and have lots of different eating options to rule out the boredom of eating the same foods over and over again.

I live in Western North Carolina. I decided to quit my job and work on the blog full time (cross fingers). I have a grown daughter and an Australian cattle dog that keeps me walking.

Justin helps me with the blog by taking pictures, helping me cook new recipes, handling all of the technical parts of having a blog, and of course an endless supply of encouragement!

I would love to hear from you!

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