Day Five

I woke up and had a glass of ice water,  but I did not exercise or walk in the AM because I was sore; so I gave my body a rest. I had the usual breakfast of steel cut oats, yogurt,  and two cups of coffee. I added a banana to my breakfast because I was going grocery shopping later in the day and wouldn’t be home to eat lunch at my usual time of 1:00.

For lunch I had leftovers from the night before, which was grilled shrimp, bean salad, fennel and apple slaw.  As a special treat I had a Pepperidge Farm coconut almond chocolate chip cookie because I got a call that I have a job interview tomorrow!

For my afternoon snack I had ½ cup of cottage cheese with cantaloupe and about a ⅛ cup mixed nuts.

For dinner I had Cuban Chicken which is chicken marinated in olive oil, garlic, and oregano ( 1 bone-in skin-on thigh), yellow rice ( rice, bell pepper, garlic, chicken broth), and steamed broccoli. For dessert I had a plum. After dinner I walked for about 40 minutes for a total of about 1.6 miles. I had a tablespoon peanut butter for my 9 pm snack

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