My Fourth Month

Week One (April 1st) I weighed in at 138.4 a total loss of one pound! So glad my scale has no idea what April Fools Day is!! I know it is only a pound but this has really boosted my confidence in this journey. All together I have lost four pounds since December 31st! This week will be a little different for me work wise, because I will be working two extra days of nine hour shifts, so I may only get to walk or yoga each day instead of doing both. Only time will tell. I’m looking forward to see how well I do with a new schedule.

Week Two (April 8th) I weighed 139.0.  A small gain this week but I am not letting it get me down. Life is making adjustments and compensations. My work schedule is getting back to normal and at the end of this week we are going to Charleston for a weekend vacation.

Week Three (April 15th) I weighed in at 140.0. We had a great and relaxing time in Charleston and ate some wonderful food. I wasn’t too worried about about what I ate this weekend, after all I was on vacation!

Week Four (April 22) I weighed in at 140.4. I am upset with myself this month. I have made excuses this and not owned my slips ups. My problem is not what I am eating but how much, and how little I am exercising. This week I am going to concentrate on getting a routine of exercise, a list of sensible snacks, and getting enough sleep every night. I know I can do this, I just need to quit fooling myself and just do it!

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