Spanish Almond Orange Cake

Spanish Orange Almond Cake

I love dessert but I do not love baking. This cake recipe is so easy even I don’t mind making it. This cake reminds me of the trip to Spain that Justin and I took in 2017. So simple yet so complex and full of surprises. The first recipe I used did not include the orange zest or the orange glaze. While the original was good I felt it was missing something. When I think of Spain I remember the glasses of fresh squeezed orange juice I drank and how refreshing it was. I realized that for me that the taste of orange is what was missing from the cake. I set out to make this cake feel more like my Spain. I like to bake this cake for family gatherings, for a friend’s birthday, or just because I want to eat it. I hope you enjoy this cake as much as I do.

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