Spanish Almond Orange Cake

Spanish Orange Almond Cake

I love dessert but I do not love baking. This cake recipe is so easy even I don’t mind making it. This cake reminds me of the trip to Spain that Justin and I took in 2017. So simple yet so complex and full of surprises. The first recipe I used did not include the orange zest or the orange glaze. While the original was good I felt it was missing something. When I think of Spain I remember the glasses of fresh squeezed orange juice I drank and how refreshing it was. I realized that for me that the taste of orange is what was missing from the cake. I set out to make this cake feel more like my Spain. I like to bake this cake for family gatherings, for a friend’s birthday, or just because I want to eat it. I hope you enjoy this cake as much as I do.

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Buckwheat Galettes

Buckwheat Galette

While my husband and I visited France last fall, and we stayed in a beautiful little port town on the Mediterranean called Port Vendre.  It was walking distance to the more touristy town of Collioure. Port Vendre was wonderful and quiet, but Collioure, despite being a bit more crowded and busy, had a number of sites that we wanted to see so we planned a day around going there.  But the weather was not very agreeable – it rained the whole day. However, we didn’t let that stop us. We walked around the beautiful old town, past the Château Royal de Collioure, and down the beach. In the middle of a downpour, we stopped at a small Creperie.  The only available seating was outdoors, but the tables were covered and dry. We were cold, wet, and starving, and my husband really wanted a drink.

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