Day Nine

I woke up and had a glass of ice water. I did not complete my 10 minute morning exercise routine because I like to give my body a rest from it every three days or so. For breakfast I had a bowl of honey nut Cheerios with almond milk, yogurt, a few green grapes, and two cups of coffee. After breakfast i took a 20 minute walk which equaled to a little over a mile.

For lunch I had a leftover barbeque sandwich with cole cole slaw, baked beans, and green beans, followed by an apple and a few slices of cheddar cheese. I also had a glass of water.

For my 4 pm snack I had ½ cup cottage cheese and orange slices.

For dinner we ate out tonight because Justin had a lot of homework. We have a local restaurant close to the house where we like to eat.  It’s nice not going to a chain restaurant. I ordered the chicken salad plate which is house-made, potato salad and coleslaw served with tomatoes, lettuce and crackers. I also had a glass of sweet ice tea. After dinner we walked for about 35 minutes which equaled to about 1.6 miles. For my  9 pm snack I had a tablespoon of peanut butter.

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