Day Twenty-Two

I woke up and had a glass of ice water then I walked for a little over 20 minutes for a total of one mile, then I came home and completed my 10 minute exercise routine. For breakfast I had two pieces of whole wheat toast with butter and honey, a ½ cup of cottage cheese with an orange, and two cups of coffee.

For lunch I had a Lean Cuisine organic Macaroni and cheese, a nectarine, one square of chocolate,and a glass of water. For my 4 pm snack I had grapes and three slices of cheddar cheese.

For dinner my daughter Sara surprised me with dinner. She brought Subway. She brought a Tuna on nine grain honey oat with cheese, pickles, spinach, black olives, little bit of mayo and salt. I also had a small bag of Doritos and some grapes with a glass of water. After dinner I walked for 30 minutes for a total of 1.31 miles. For my 9 pm snack I had a Reese’s Cup! It is my most favorite candy bar, and since my brother gave it to me when he came over to watch Big Brother I couldn’t resist =)!

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